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Roulette always has and always will be one of the most popular table games that have ever existed. It has been played for a long number of years and its popularity is still growing among players. With the increase in use of the internet, more and more online casinos are being developed in order to provide the game of Roulette to online players. This All British Online Casino is no exception and it not only provides players with the online version of Roulette, but it also provides two distinct versions of the game found in the All British Online Casino Games section and the All British Live Online Casino section of its website.

Although there are two different versions to choose from, both types of Roulette have the same rules and regulations and the only difference is how the game is formatted and played. One version includes the virtual game and the other features the new and improved live version. The objective of all types of Roulette is to place a bet on a number which the player predicts will be the winning number when a small white ball is spun in a spinning numbered roulette wheel. The number the little white ball lands on the roulette wheel will be the winning number. Now this is how each different version of Roulette is played.

The virtual game of Roulette found in the All British Online Casino Games, is available thanks to the production of Netent (Net Entertainment software) that have produced this version of Roulette with fantastic animation, graphics and music. This game is played with an automated dealer and may be as fast or as slow paced as an online player wishes it to be due to the fact that there is no allocated timer to when a player may place his/her bets. This means that whenever a player feels ready, he/she may place their bets on the Roulette tableau provided and chooses when to set the roulette wheel spinning. The way the virtual screen is developed, it comprises of an imitation of an actual numbered roulette table based on French Roulette and at the end of the table is a roulette wheel. The online players will place a bet on any of the numbers on the Roulette tableau he / she thinks will be the winning number. Then the player may select ‘Spin’ in the options provided to set the roulette wheel and ball spinning. If the player does not wish to waste time waiting for the roulette wheel to stop spinning, there is the option to select the ‘fast spin’ where the winning number will immediately be indicated after a quick spin. All results within this virtual version of the Roulette game work on a Random Number Generation whereby none of the results are manipulated by either the online players or the All British Online Casino. This allows for fair and honest game play to take place and the player stands better chances of winning big. However should an online player miss the feel of a real land based Roulette game, then he / she is in luck as this online casino also provides players the chance to play with real dealers from within an actual land based casino.

Knowing that many players favour land based casinos based on the ability to play live, he/she may risk the chance of getting disappointed when visiting a land based casino on a busy night as a player may have to wait until a place opens up at a busy Roulette table. This will never happen in the online live version in the All British Live Online Casino as there is no limit to the total number of players who may join in the same live Roulette game. However before describing how the live version is played, it is important for the player to know how the live play is even possible. Thanks to the All British Online Casino collaboration with the land based Portomaso Casino, cameras are placed on top of a Roulette table which transmits a live feed straight to the online casino. This live feed is then broadcasted in real time and online players may join in the desired Roulette game. Online there are two different tables of Roulette to choose from and each table is subdivided according to the betting limits the online player prefers (these betting limits are based on maximum and minimum bets a player may choose from in order to play the game). Once the player has selected the Roulette game desired, the screen will open up to reveal two sections within the same screen. Most of the screen will be taken up by an imitation of the Roulette tableau being played within the Portomaso casino based on the European Roulette without a spinning roulette wheel; this is where online players will be placing their bets. On the top right hand corner an online player will be able to view the goings on at the actual Roulette table with the live dealers spinning the white ball within the Roulette wheel. The camera will automatically zoom in and out between a bird’s eye view of the whole Roulette table and the actual roulette wheel. This way, online players will be able to view every single move on the real Roulette table within the land based Portomaso Casino.

As mentioned earlier, all rules and regulations of both versions are the same as a standard land based roulette game. Online players may place various bets on the roulette tableaus according to which odds he/she prefers. The way a bet may be placed may be viewed in the rules of the games within the games themselves on the All British Online Casino website. However no matter where an online player places his/her bets, the odds remain the same and if the player wins a bet then he she will be credited the winnings directly and instantly. All transactions and game play related to any of the Roulette games being played are recorded in the player’s account and be viewed at any point in time.