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Another popular table game which is often played by many land based casino goers is the game of Blackjack. This among others has been a popular game throughout the years and although time passes, its popularity is still increasing. Thanks to the development of internet services available, All British Online Casino has developed ways of bringing the Blackjack game to players through their computers. This means that no matter where the player is located or which computer he/she is operating from, the player still has the opportunity to play Blackjack.

Not only does All British Online Casino provide players the possibility to play Blackjack, but just like its other popular counterpart, All British Online Casino Roulette, this online casino provides two version of this popular table game. These two versions are the virtual version (where the dealer is automated) and the live version (where players get to join in live Blackjack games being dealt from within a land based casino). Although both games are formatted and played in different ways, the main rules and regulations of the standard Blackjack game are still applied to both. The main objective of the games is for a player to place a bet on a hand whose points add to a total of 21 points or at least have a higher number of points from the dealer’s hand. The point system of Blackjack is fairly simple to remember and it all comes down to a matter of luck. The point system is as follows: All face cards (King, Queen and Jack) and the number 10 card have a total of ten points each; the Ace card has a total of either one or eleven points depending on the cards which were placed before or after the Ace was dealt; all other cards are calculated at face value which means that, for example a 7 card has a total of seven points, a 5 card has a total of five points and so on and so forth. Then it is up to the player to place a bet on the predicted winning hand and the winnings could reach great amounts. However, as mentioned earlier, although the main rules are the same for the two different version of Blackjack being offered by All British Online Casino, these games still have their slight difference.

The virtual version of Blackjack found within the All British Online Casino Games has been produced by Netent (Net Entertainment production company) which has developed a way of given players a full experience of Blackjack with an automated dealer. The graphics and music software used for this game have been produced with the highest quality and online players will not be disappointed. The way this virtual version is laid out on the screen is similar to a land based Blackjack table. There are three designated areas where players may place their initial bets before the hands are dealt. Wherever a bet has been placed, this is where the automated dealer will begin dealing the cards as soon as the player is ready. This means that the games may be as fast or as slow paced as the player wishes as there is not timer indicated for a player to place his/her bets in a hurry. As soon as the bets are placed on either one or on all three of the designated areas, the player will select ‘Deal’ and the cards will be automatically dealt. After each hand is dealt, the player will then decide if he / she wishes to add more cards to the hand or not by clicking on the option provided; it is important that the player keeps note that the total points of each hand do not exceed 21 points or the hand and its bets are lost. Then there are various other options being provided by this version of Blackjack where players may split cards (if the option is available) or double up their bets. For each one of these options the online player will be notified.

Should a player on the other hand prefer to Play All British Online Casino with live dealers and misses the live feel land based casino provide him / her, then online players have the opportunity to select to play the Blackjack games in the All British Live Online Casino. This version provides online players the ability to join in a land based Blackjack game from the comfort of their own home while playing against land based players and dealers who would be dealing from within the land based Portomaso Casino. Now, the important factor of this game and the reason this version is slightly different from the standard land based Blackjack, is that there is no limit to the number of total online players who may join in and play the same live Blackjack game. Because of this reason, it is impossible for all online players to communicate with the dealers with the land based casino individually to inform the dealer when to add more cards to the online players’ hands. Therefore, it is up to the dealers to decide when more cards will be dealt to a hand and when not. These dealers will follow strict rules and regulations of this Blackjack game whereby a dealer will not deal more cards to a hand which has a total of seventeen points or more, and will deal another card to a hand which has a total of sixteen points or less; always keeping in mind that a hand should not exceed the 21 points of Blackjack. In order for a player to view all the cards which are handed out, the screen of this Blackjack game is divided in such a way that an online player will not miss out on any goings on within the game. Most of the screen will be occupied by an imitation of the actual Blackjack table which is to be found in any land based casino; this is where the online player will place his / her bets. On the top right hand corner a small window will simultaneously open up to reveal the dealer within the Portomaso Casino dealing out the cards. The live broadcast will automatically zoom in and out between the cards being dealt and a bird’s eye view of the table. As the cards are being dealt, copies of these cards will appear on the imitation table of the online player’s screen to reveal all the cards which are being dealt simultaneously so that players may see these cards clearly from both angles.