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One of the unique factors that this All British Online Casino is proud to be present is this All British Live Online Casino section of its website. This section includes three of the most popular table games which may be played live which are the All British Online Casino Roulette, All British Online Casino Blackjack and the All British Online Casino Baccarat.

There may be many players who love going to land based casino simply to play these above mentioned popular table games. However, it may be hard for some of these players to travel to the land based casino which is closest to them due to many factors; whether these factors involve physical or financial issues. Therefore All British Online Casino has adapted a way for these players, and any player for that matter, to still play these popular live table games without the need to leave the comfort of their homes. These live games may be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world thanks to the ability to simply stream the game.

Before explaining how it is possible to play these live games from any computer, it is important for a play to know how these games are produced. For starters this All British Online Casino is the only British based online casino that provides live games thanks to its collaboration with the land based Portomaso Casino which is located on the island of Malta. Due to this collaboration, online players may join in any of the above mentioned live All British Online Casino Games which are otherwise being played by land based players within the casino itself. This is made possible, as on top of each of the tables of the All British Online Casino Roulette, All British Online Casino Blackjack and All British Online Casino Baccarat are cameras directly connected to the All British Online Casino transmitting a live feed which is in turn broadcasted live online. This means that from the minute the tables open at 10:00am (CET) to the minute the tables close at 05:00am (CET) the next morning within the Portomaso Casino, so do the tables online for the online players. All broadcast streamed online are not pre recorded and are therefore transmitted in real time. This itself, may be proved from the television screens located right next to the dealers at the table which broadcasts a live news channel – CNN – which any player may check with. The dealers, on the other hand, are trained professionals who have been employed by the land based Portomaso Casino to deal at the specific table games. The dealers are then switched every thirty minutes or so as per the Portomaso Casino policy and depending on how busy the actual casino is on a particular day. This way there will always be a rotation of dealers after a specific number of games.

The way the online player may view and join in these games being played within the land based Portomaso Casino is a simple and easy process. As none of these live games need to be downloaded in order to be played, they function on a streaming process whereby an online player may simply click on one of the three different live table games available and the game may begin being played immediately. Each one of these three live table games are subdivided into various table types depending on the betting limits the player prefers (the minimum and / or maximum bets a player wishes to place on a table). Once the player has selected the desired table, he / she may simply click on this game and it will automatically open. The way the screen is divided is simple and user friendly. Most of the screen an online player will be viewing will be made up of an imitation of the actual table which is seen in any land based casino – this is where the online player will be placing his / her bets. On the top right hand corner of the same screen, a small window will automatically open at the same time where the live broadcasted feed will be visible. This feed will broadcast the live dealing of the specific table and will automatically zoom in and out between a bird’s eye view of the table and a close up of the actual cards being dealt (or in the case of the All British Online Casino Roulette – the actual Roulette wheel). This way any online player will not miss out on anything that will be going on during the whole game.

There is no limit to the number of online players who may join in to play any of the live table All British Online Casino Games. This gives this All British Online Casino a great advantage over any of the land based casinos; sometimes on a busy night, players might have to wait a while until they may play their favourite table in a land based casino as it might be full. This will never be the casino with this online casino. However, although there is no limit to the number of players who may play the game, each online player may only view his / her bets being placed on the table and not the other bets being placed by other online casino players. Therefore the screen is personal to each online player.

The rules and regulations of each of these online live table games are pretty much the same as the ones being played in land based casinos. However the only difference is in the way that each game is played from an online point of view. A description of how each online live table games is played, is described in a separate section of this website where more emphasis is given on the game play. The online live table game which is slightly different to the one being played in land based casino is the All British Online Casino Blackjack which has a different set of rules and regulations from the standard Blackjack game. This is so as, as mentioned earlier, there is no limit on the number of online players who may play the same online live table games. Since the standard game of Blackjack requires the players to communicate with the dealers, in this online live version, it is highly impossible for each online player to communicate with the dealers and therefore the rules of the game are slightly different. Further information on how this version of Blackjack may be played will be provided in a different section of this website.